Ocean Solutions Accelerator

45 world-leading ocean tech startups with $225M in lifetime funding (and counting).


Coming in 2023: the Ecopreneur Network, Sustainable Ocean Alliance’s new ecosystem of long-term support and innovation for ocean startups.


Propelling startups with scalable solutions that address the targets of UN SDG 14.

The Ocean Solutions Accelerator

The Ocean Solutions Accelerator helps entrepreneurs launch a for-profit ocean solution for a sustainable blue economy by providing funding, mentorship, and other critical resources to scale their ventures and amplify their impact.

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The Program

Over the course of this intensive program, startups participate in dozens of sessions and workshops featuring world-renowned ocean tech experts, investors, and more. Pairings with our SOA Mentors support our startups' unique needs.

2021 Speakers and Sessions

Acceptance Criteria

In 2020, 6% of applicants were selected by a committee of experts in the SOA community

  • Teams

    The team is ambitious and the mission aligns with the values of Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

  • Market

    Startups with a large target market that can support the growth of their business.

  • Traction

    Startups that have found initial traction with customers, partners and/or investors.

  • Impact

    Startups that are solving real problems in the ocean sector and improving ocean health.

  • Scalability

    The solution is feasible, scalable, and the startup has a plan for generating revenue.

  • Vision

    The team is ambitious and their mission aligns with the values of Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

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"Our oceans are in grave danger, due to the many consequences of climate change and pollution. These challenges can be solved with investment and innovation. Lynne and I are proud to support Daniela Fernandez and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance’s bold vision to create 100 new startups by 2021 to help heal the ocean.”

- Marc Benioff, Salesforce Founder 

(photo: New York Times)

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