The Global Blue New Deal

During World Oceans Week 2021, SOA's Youth Policy Advisory Council officially shared their first Global Blue New Deal (GBND) public draft to the world. This collaboratively developed policy document is a living representation of hundreds of youth perspectives and priorities sourced from SOA's international Young Ocean Leaders network.


📣 WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. The Global Blue New Deal public comment period is open until August 31, 2021: contribute your thoughts, perspectives, and priorities to help us finalize the GBND. Youth, scientists, policymakers, and other ocean stakeholders—please share your feedback here.

Global Blue New Deal Presentation


WATCH NOW: During the Blue New Deal Public Workshop on World Oceans Day 2021 , YPAC Chair Mark Haver and YPAC Secretary Leonie Meier presented the GBND and how it came to be.

About the Global Blue New Deal

There is no future without understanding the role that the ocean has to play in it: emphasizing youth ocean issue priorities is essential as we re-envision the relationship between our communities and our planet for generations to come.

The Global Blue New Deal was inspired by the youth voices advocating for climate action through the Green New Deal, Global Climate Strikes, and Fridays for Future protests. While the climate conversation may be headline news, ocean news is neglected.

To end this cycle of neglect and decline, SOA staff and the Youth Policy Advisory Council collected more than 100 surveys from SOA's global youth network—in five languages across 38 countries. The goal was to understand the key youth policy priorities around the globe for building the ocean we need for the future we want.

We since have identified four main pillars that address key ocean health priorities in our Global Blue New Deal:

Low Carbon Future: Address the Climate Emergency
Preserve Biodiversity: Apply Nature-based Solutions to Promote Healthy Ecosystems and Climate Resilience
Sustainable Seafood: Strengthen Sustainable Seafood to Match Increasing Global Demand
Stakeholder Engagement: Include Youth and Local Communities in Natural Ocean Resource Management

Read all about the story behind the Global Blue New Deal from YPAC's Chair, Mark Haver.


Key Facts & Figures

Youth based all over the world have contributed to this extraordinary collaborative effort:
  • SOA’s Youth Policy Advisory Council—a cohort of 15 early career ocean professionals from nine global regions—led this effort.
  • 101 surveys in five languages across 38 countries informed the focus areas of the Global Blue New Deal.
  • 11 researchers from eight countries drafted four pillars and 18 sub-pillars, which are supported by 170+ references.

The Global Blue New Deal is making headlines around the world:


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