More than 200 SOA mentors volunteer their time to provide expert guidance to ecopreneurs and young ocean leaders in our network through SOA's Ecopreneur Network and Ocean Leadership programs.

We strive to maintain a community of mentors who are diverse in their expertise, professional journey, and cultural experience so that we can can connect each startup founder or project leader with the mentor best suited to help them achieve their specific goals.

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  • Brad Ack

    Brad Ack

    Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Ocean-Climate Trust

    United States

  • Elizabeth Bagley

    Elizabeth Bagley

    Director of Drawdown Learn, Project Drawdown

    United States

  • New-Wave-Foods-Founder-Dominique-Barnes

    Dominique Barnes

    Co-founder, New Wave Foods

    United States

  • David Hume

    David Hume

    Marine Engineer, US Department of Energy

    United States

  • Daniel Kammen

    Daniel Kammen

    Professor, University of California Berkeley

    United States

  • Mareese Keane

    Mareese Keane

    Director THRIVE AgTech, SVG Partners

    United States

  • Christophe Lacroic

    Christophe Lacroix

    COO, Motul


  • Christian Lim

    Christian Lim

    Founding Partner, Blue Oceans Partners


  • Tony-Long

    Tony Long

    CEO, Global Fishing Watch

    United Kingdom

  • Laurie Menoud_headshot

    Laurie Menoud

    Partner, At One Ventures

    United States

  • Franco Mora

    Franco Mora

    CEO, LCV


  • Aymerik Renard

    Aymerik Renard

    General Partner, Hardware Club VC

    United States

  • Dan Steketee

    Dan Steketee

    Managing Director, Cenotech Solutions

    United States

  • Conor Fürstenberg Stott

    Conor Fürstenberg Stott

    Partner, Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory


  • Elizabeth Suri _ Draper Suri Kaplan Foundation

    Elizabeth Washburn Surti

    Investment Principal, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

    United States

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    Benjamin Von Wong


    United States

  • Tronnd Wuelllner

    Trond Wuellner

    Director of Product Management, Google

    United States