About the Fellowship

SOA and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have partnered to create Leadership for Climate Resilient Fisheries Fellowship. 

SOA and EDF have selected Fellows under 35 years old from East and Southeast Asia to participate in an intensive program that aims to strengthen their leadership in advancing solutions for climate resilient fisheries. Fellows will receive a grant of US$2,000-$5,000 to advance their project.

The virtual program provides Fellows a holistic understanding of principles and approaches for building climate resilience through sustainable fisheries management, coupled with extensive leadership training and skills development.

The grants are administered through SOA’s Ocean Leadership Microgrants program, and Fellows will first complete the climate resilient fisheries curriculum between July and September 2021 to be eligible for funding. 

Meet the Fellows

  • Fenjie



    Fenjie supports the implementation of Ocean Outcomes’ fishery improvement projects in Northeast Asia and the technical research for those projects. A core focus on this work is engaging with the region’s commercial tuna fisheries and NGOs and coordinating project workplans and stakeholder convenings. Fenjie’s previous experience includes positions with the Marine Environment and Fishery Resources Monitoring Center in southern China and with ChinaBlue.

    He has also supported the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program as a fisheries researcher for Asian seafood, and been a consultant for TR/QMCS, O2’s local Chinese partner. He has assessed a variety of regional marine fisheries on behalf of the World Bank, among others. With a passion for Chinese fisheries, fisheries management, and marine ecology, Fenjie holds a B.Sc. from Shanghai Ocean University in China and a M.Sc. in fisheries science from Hokkaido University in Japan. He is fluent in Mandarin, English, and Japanese and enjoys keeping ornamental fish, karate, and skating in his spare time.

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  • Nadea



    Nadea is an electric engineer with a Master degree from Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea, and Bachelor Degree from Institute Technology Bandung, ITB. She found her call with The Ocean and keen aspires to support sustainable fishing by introducing MantaOne to the fishermen community of Bali, Indonesia.

    Previously she was awarded as a Runner Up of Miss Scuba Indonesia, 2017 and has participated in the Women Earth Alliance since 2020. Beginning 2021, she volunteers to become a sailor and sailing the Indonesian sea with Biosphere Foundation to create a movement to preserve the coral triangle

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  • Azra



    Mohamad N Azra is a senior researcher at Institute for Tropical Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia. His field of works are on Aquatic Ecosystem and Climate Change, and fully committed to this field for the next 30 years of services for his institution and university. He is also interested in contributing his knowledge of research with the community as well as fully interested to collaborate with potential international researcher related to his field of study.

  • Wang



    Wang is an associate professor and worked in the East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences. He graduated from Fudan University in 2016 with a PhD in animal ecology.  In the past 5 years, he has conducted research on issues about aquatic food web, plant invasion, offshore fishery resource management and development strategy, ecological restoration.

    Recently, he has been conducting research on fishery resources and ecological restoration in the Yangtze River Estuary. He found that the ecological function of the Yangtze River estuary is damaged and the fishery resources are declining, which seriously restricts the sustainable development of the fishery. In order to maintain the sustainable output of fishery, he identified the migration distribution and habitat demand of important fishery species, carried out ecological restoration of habitat, and formed a technical system of estuarine habitat restoration and sustainable output of the fishery.

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  • profile photo_apelo-1



    Allan is a co-founder of Jasconius Technologies Inc – a social enterprise that aims to uplift fishing communities by creating opportunities, building an enabling environment, and professionalizing the small-scale fisheries sector. He is also a licensed electronics engineer valued by the telecom industry for being a determined operations specialist with 8 years of experience in increasing corporate profitability and service efficiency.

    He has also completed his Master of Science in Innovation and Business at the Asian Institute of Management and is committed to ensuring operational excellence and advocating inclusive development and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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  • Supatcha Japakang (PJ)



    Ploy (PJ) is a Marine Biologist and Conservation Diver instructor trainee at Aow Thai Marine Ecology Center (ATMEC) with experience focusing on coral resilience, marine conservation, and sustainable fisheries. Over the past four years, Ploy has actively worked in various ocean-related projects including SOA Thailand as a co-founder and coordinator.

  • Nadia



    Currently working in Yayasan TAKA. Co-founder of Elasmobranch Project Indonesia. In the process of learning more about sustainable fisheries!

  • 20210518_172406_496-1



    Pamela Mejia is the founder of Phinix, a textile recycling social enterprise that turns textile wastes into new products. In 2018, she founded FIBERS: Fashion Inclusive Businesses for Environment, Reformation, and Sustainability that aims to train and empower fashion impact-driven entrepreneurs in the ASEAN region. In 2021, she co-founded Fly Fish Fly that partners with local artisan fisherfolks in creating innovative products using Flying fish and other seafood products.

  • Inez



    Inez recently graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. As part of her final year project, I am conducting a study on the reef predator assemblages using Baited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUVS).

    Her passion is in marine conservation, research and education, using a mixture of field research, outreach and science communication as tools for raising awareness of Southeast Asian ecosystems!

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Fellowship Objectives

The Leadership for Climate Resilient Fisheries Fellowship aims to:

  1. Build and activate a global network of climate resilient fisheries leaders who share a common understanding of the impacts climate change will have on fisheries and the elements of solutions they can advance collectively. 
  2. Shrink the “research-implementation gap” in fisheries governance. Transitioning fisheries to effective management regimes is a baseline step for enhancing climate resilience. 
  3. Provide selected fellows with the capacity to develop and advance climate resilience solutions.
  4. Create a replicable and scalable model that EDF can continue to deliver in partnership with SOA in the years ahead to build a growing global network of champions for climate resilient fisheries.