A special message from Daniela Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance

"Our generation has inherited a planet facing the largest crisis in human history: climate change.

We’ve reached a critical tipping point—and it’s crucial that we shift the scales back in our favor. Between our collective consciousness, global networking capabilities, and modern technological advancements, this generation—our generation—has the opportunity not only to reverse the damage done, but to create a new era. One in which the bottom line for every individual, business, government and institution includes the protection of our planet.

When it comes to discussing the fight against climate change, it’s impossible not to also mention its intersectionality with a thriving and sustainable ocean. These efforts on an individual level may seem monumental and overwhelming, but I believe it’s imperative to approach this Giving Tuesday by embracing an attitude of optimism, tenacity and grit.

I implore you all this season, and this Giving Tuesday, to do exactly what the name suggests: to give. We’re asking you to step up and #JoinTheAlliance by making a donation of any size to Sustainable Ocean Alliance today. Your contribution goes directly to supporting the generation on the front lines of saving our ocean: by helping leaders access project funds, by propelling the world’s most innovative ocean startups to scale, and by bringing thousands of young ocean allies around the world together to activate solutions that restoring our ocean.

Make your voice heard—make your actions count today. #JoinTheAlliance."


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