Every June we have an opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits humankind derives from the ocean and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably.
Aquariums, science centers and research institutions, NGOs, communities and governments all around the world mobilize millions of people around events big and small. UN World Oceans Day is your portal to finding which events are happening around the world and in your neighborhood.
The theme for this year’s UN World Oceans Day is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.”  Innovation – relating to the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products – is a dynamic term, and one that is fundamentally filled with hope. This year, the UN World Oceans Day celebration will take place as a virtual event to shed light on innovations from around the globe in areas of need that are both promising and proven, ones that instill optimism, and ones that have demonstrated the ability to scale effectively. It will also provide a platform to thought leaders of varied backgrounds, who are paving new paths forward for the health of our ocean and our planet as a whole.
Together with the United Nations Family and our partners, let's celebrate all that the ocean gives us every day: from the oxygen we breathe to the inspiration that moves our poets.

In honor of this year's theme, SOA is working in partnership with the UN to host the following events:


June 3

Youth for Ocean & Climate Action

with Mark Haver, Khadija Stewart, and Chet Monday

SOA, Peace Boat & March for Science Youth talk about their innovative projects for the ocean and the story behind the Youth Policy Advisory Council.


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ocean innovation panel

June 8

Innovating Ocean Finance: Perspectives from 4 Capital Providers

with Nicholas Kolesch, Daniela Fernandez, Pawan Patil, Peter Wang Hjemdahl, and Guarav Gupta

This World Oceans Day, rePurpose Global invites you to Innovating Ocean Finance: Perspectives from 4 Capital Providers, a panel discussion amongst 4 of the world's most innovative organizations who provide financing for solutions that tackle the most critical challenges in ocean conservation today.

8AM PT | 11AM ET

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WOD June 3

June 9 

Deep-Sea Exploration and Stewardship

with Dr. Diva Amon, Julie Packard, Prof. Lisa Levin, Dr. Carlie Wiener, & Dr. Lucy Woodall

The deep ocean is Earth’s final frontier, which we are exploring more than ever and in new and innovative ways. But with anthropogenic pressures increasing, will our exploration ultimately light the way or feed the fire?

8AM PT | 11AM ET 

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June 11

Innovative Ocean Habitats

with Henk Rogers, Fabien Cousteau, Akira Biondo and Tre' Packard,  Emilie McGlone , Sam Teicher and Gator Halpern 
 Join us for a conversation with renowned ocean conservationist and aquanaut, Fabien Cousteau, and visionary philanthropist Henk Rogers from the Blue Planet Foundation.Their leadership in the space of innovation for the oceans will inspire a discussion with PangeaSeed Foundation, Coral Vita and Peace Boat to examine the ways in which we can co-exist with nature and support our ocean ecosystem as we cohabit this Earth.


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FINAL_UN WORLD OCEANS DAY_ The Latin American Perspective_June 3rd 2020_UN World Oceans Day (4)

June 12 

Innovative Solutions for Our Oceans: The Latin American Perspective (Spanish) 

with Emilie McGlone, Roberto Cerda, Daniel Caceres, and Emily Tewes

SOA Peru Hub Leader Daniel Caceres and Roberto from Restore Coral in Mexico will discuss youth action and the blue economy  in Latin and South America. Webinar in Spanish.

8AM PT | 11AM ET 

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Mark Haver
Chair of Youth Policy Advisory Council, SOA
Mark Haver has been an Ocean Leader with SOA for three years. He is the inaugural Chair of the SOA Youth Policy Advisory Council and is also part of the Youth Advisory Council of the Ocean Climate Action Plan. He is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hollings Scholar. Following graduation from Florida Southern College in May 2020 with four Bachelor’s degrees at the intersection of the environment, policy, and communication, he is working for the Florida Democratic Party and the Joe Biden campaign in the hopes of bringing progressive climate policy to the White House.
Khadija Stewart
Peace Boat Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador, Peace Boat
Khadija is an enthusiastic environmentalist with a passion for travelling, making her mark on the world by moulding her life around three important words; awareness, appreciation and change. Currently, she is pursuing an MSc in Climate Change and Development. Upon completion of her first MSc in Sustainable Development, she developed a passion for land and water management which steered her towards the World Youth Parliament for Water. d youth involvement in the water sector. She is now the Communications Lead of the Parliament. Khadija’s love for the environment coupled with her desire to raise awareness led to the creation of Ecovybz which started as an environmental blog and has now grown into an environmental awareness movement with a series of educational and outreach activities aimed at bringing about meaningful change.
Chet Monday
Director of Youth Engagement, March for Science
Chet Monday is a 19 year old organizer from Dallas, TX who serves as the Director of Youth Engagement for March for Science. Chet has been involved in activism and organizing since high school, when he organized a school wide walkout. He now works to increase amplification and connectivity across the youth climate and science space. He is the campaign manager for March for Science's two signature campaigns, and when he isn't working, he's juggling.
Julie Packard
Executive Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Julie Packard is the executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and has served in that position since the Aquarium opened in 1984. With a mission to inspire conservation of the oceans, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is widely acknowledged as a leader among aquariums worldwide and has been instrumental in engaging the public to become involved in ocean conservation and redefining aquariums as a force for conservation. Julie is chair of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) board of directors. She has served on many other boards and committees related to conservation, including the California Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund.
Lisa Levin
Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Lisa A. Levin is a Distinguished Professor of Biological Oceanography at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego.  She  is founder and co-lead of the Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative, which seeks to integrate science, technology, policy, law and economics to advise on ecosystem-based management of resource use in the deep ocean and strategies to maintain the integrity of deep-ocean ecosystems within and beyond national jurisdictions. She also helped establish and co-leads the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy, a program within GOOS. She is active in bringing climate science to policy and contributes to IPCC reports.  Dr. Levin served for 6 years as Director of the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps. Her current research interests include biodiversity of continental margin ecosystems, the effects of climate change (especially ocean deoxygenation) and human impacts on the deep ocean, with work in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. She is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and the Association of AAAS and has given the Anton Brun (IOC), Sverdrup (AGU) and Revelle (National Academy) medal lectures.  She was awarded the ASLO Redfield Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 and the Prince Albert I Grand Medal in Ocean Science in 2019.
Dr. Carlie Wiener
Director of Marine Communications, Schmidt Ocean Institute

Carlie Wiener is the Director of Marine Communications for Schmidt Ocean Institute. In this leadership role, she has drawn international attention to the science completed through the institute’s ship-based program, and implemented a communications strategy for the organization. Carlie has more than fifteen years of experience in marine science communications working on strategy, research, community outreach, evaluation, and professional leadership. She received her bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in communications and her Master’s and Doctorate degree in environmental studies from York University in Toronto, Canada. Her previous research has focused on environmental education, experiential learning, integrating natural and social science for marine management, and marine mammal tourism. Carlie also hosted the monthly marine science radio show, All Things Marine for six years, and has taught several courses on communicating ocean sciences and marine science for the public.

Dr. Lucy Woodhall
Principal Scientist, Nekton & Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Lucy Woodhall leads the scientific research at Nekton and is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. She is a marine biologist with a passion for sharing the delights and importance of the aquatic world with global citizens. Her PhD on the conservation genetics of European seahorses provided valuable research for captive breeding and international monitoring programmes, and she continues to work in Syngnathidae conservations and sits on the IUCN SSC for seahorses, pipefish and sea dragons. While her work broadly focuses on the processes that drive biodiversity in the marine biome, including the impacts of human activities including plastic pollution, she has also worked in coastal and deep sea habitats. Her microplastics research was the first to reveal the ubiquity of this pollutant in the deep sea which led to further work on marine debris in our most remote oceans. She provides expert opinion for international and national organisations on marine conservation and sustainable marine management, is a member of many applied working parties such as the High Level Panel Expert Group for the UN on Sustainable Ocean Economy and gives talks at public events throughout the year. She feels truly blessed to work with amazing people in inspirational locations.
Dr. Diva Amon
Deep Sea Biologist
Dr. Diva Amon is a Trinidadian deep-sea biologist working at the nexus of science, policy, and communication. Diva studies the weird and wonderful animals living in a range of deep-sea habitats and how our actions are impacting them. She also participates in expeditions around the world and has an extensive science communication and outreach record. She is a Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum in London, a Pew-Bertarelli Ocean Ambassador, and a Director and Founder of the non-profit NGO, SpeSeas, dedicated to marine science, education and advocacy in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Emilie McGlone
Director, Peace Boat
Emilie McGlone has been working with Peace Boat since 2004 and currently is the United Nations liaison and Director of the New York-based office of Peace Boat US, a non-profit organization working to promote peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment through educational programs organized onboard the Peace Boat, a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on peace voyages. Peace Boat holds Special Consultative Status with the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations and works in partnership with UN representatives, Nobel Peace Laureates and community leaders from around the world to create opportunities for international cooperation focused on environmental sustainability, cultural awareness and peace education. Emilie works to foster youth education and develops specific programs to learn about important global issues onboard the Peace Boat. Founded in 1983 and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008, Peace Boat has sailed on over 100 global voyages, carrying more than 60,000 people to more than 100 countries. Peace Boat has recently launched a new initiative to build an Ecoship to sail around the world, showcasing green technology and design, while inspiring positive change to radically reduce our carbon footprint. Peace Boat is a committed campaigner for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sailing with the Global Goals Logo on the hull of the ship. Peace Boat's Ecoship Project will build the world’s most sustainable passenger ship. A flagship for the SDGs, Ecoship seeks to address ocean acidification with reduced carbon emissions and significantly reduce marine pollution.
Roberto Cerda
Founder, Restore Coral

Roberto Cerda Zúñiga: innovador social y fundador de Restore Coral 

“RESTORE CORAL” de Naturalia A. C., ha sido un impulsor importante de la restauración de arrecifes en México; su campaña de innovación social para la protección y restauración del Sistema Arrecifal Mesoamericano (SAM).

A través de educación ambiental con realidad virtual, "Artivismo", promover puntos de acuerdo en el Senado de la República, campañas que fomentan el turismo de restauración en colaboración con la Secretaria de Marina y Recursos Naturales, así como de compromisos electorales como el de “1 voto = 1 coral” que desde 2016 ejecuta el Instituto Nacional de Pesca (INAPESCA) en Quintana Roo, “RESTORE CORAL” acelera la resiliencia de los ecosistemas marinos en México.

Actualmente, a raíz del stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD) que azota el SAM, el objetivo de “RESTORE CORAL” es difundir y recaudar apoyo para lograr el proyecto “ARCA DE NOÉ DEL CORAL MEXICANO”; el primer banco de genoma de especies de coral de LATAM, operado por el Subsistema Nacional de Recursos Genéticos Acuáticos.

Daniel Caceres
Latin America Regional Representative, SOA
Buzo PADI divemaster, co-fundador del colectivo "Cuidando el Mar" y becario de la embajada de Estados Unidos; Daniel ha trabajado y apoyado en diversos proyectos de Política marina, Ecoturismo, manejo, Educación y comunicación para la conservación marina. Daniel tiene una trayectoria larga organizando espacios para la inclusión de jóvenes en procesos de representación, y ha logrado la inclusión del ODS 14 en diversas agendas temáticas. Ha participado en eventos nacionales e internacionales ambos como vocero, embajador y representante, en Washington DC, Malta, Indonesia, Alemania, Noruega y España. Fue parte de la delegación nacional de La COP 22, 23 y 25. En el 2015 fue el Divemaster más joven del Perú, en el 2016 recibió la medalla Hreljac por ser considerado el joven con mayor aporte en el desarrollo sostenible del país, y en el 2017 fue distinguido como agente de cambio por la Universidad Científica del Sur.
Emily Tewes
Program Manager, SOA
Emily is a Marine Ecologist and Ocean Conservationist with six years of federal government experience focusing on fisheries biology, climate change, science education, and international program management. During her time at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), she helped build new research partnerships and foster existing ones with colleagues in Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and the Caribbean. As a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow, she worked with NOAA leadership to respond to the agency's tasks under President Obama's Climate Action Plan. She highly values interdisciplinary collaboration and working across cultures, and geeks out over innovative solutions to environmental challenges. She holds a M.S. in Marine Estuarine Environmental Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and a B.S. in Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science from the University of Missouri. She is also an avid scuba diver, bird watcher, swimmer, and yoga practitioner. She is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Partners