2018 Ocean Solutions Accelerator Startups



Developing a Wave Energy Converter to harness the energy from ocean waves to serve coastal communities.

Founder and CEO: Marcus Lehmann

Location: Berkeley, California, USA


Cohort etac


Designs and produces functional nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications, such as oil spill and wastewater cleanup.

Founder: José Humberto Ramírez Leyva

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada



World’s first bioplastics company dedicated to replacing single-use plastics with hyper-compostable, edible materials derived from seaweed.

ShEO & Chief Innovation Officer: Chelsea Briganti

Location: Beacon, New York, USA

Cohorts safetyNet

SafetyNet Technologies

Making the fishing industry smarter through the development of user-friendly electro-mechanical devices to reduce bycatch.

Co-Founders: Dan Watson and Nadia Laabs

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Cohorts sustainabily

Sustainability Cloud

Disrupting the global waste management and recycling systems by matching waste to local profitable solutions and products.

Founder and CEO: Phillip White

Location: London, England, United Kingdom