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“This global pandemic has given us a glimpse into the repercussions we will face if we continue to operate with the mindset of “business as usual.”  It is time for us to take responsibility for our climate crisis, roll up our sleeves, and understand the urgency that our lives depend on. We have a short window of time and a rare opportunity to disrupt the social norm, but to do so it will require leadership, fearlessness, and ingenuity, from those in power and from the next generation of solutionists."

– Daniela Fernandez, Founder and CEO of SOA 

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Why SOA Connects

The global community had deemed 2020 the “Super Year” for the ocean. But as the pandemic  unfolded, pivotal convenings were cancelled and impactful votes on crucial policies have been delayed as a result.  

To keep the vision and goals of the Super Year alive, we are launching our virtual summit series, SOA Connects, to collectively work on ocean health, climate, youth mobilization and education, ocean technology, political accountability, and conscious leadership that is essential to our global rebuilding.

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What is SOA Connects?

Impact is at the core of SOA and we maintain our commitment to the urgency of measurable impact by advancing 100 ocean solutions by 2021.

Our ocean leaders from Malaysia, Indonesia, The Seychelles, Portugal, and across Latin America have been mobilizing local grassroots leaders while our Accelerator alumni and mentors continue to play a vital role in creating, building, and scaling sustainable businesses. 

To build on this momentum, SOA Connects will spotlight and support our one-of-a-kind community of ocean leaders and entrepreneurs. The zero-carbon footprint summit will include presentations from solutionists working in ocean innovation and grassroots action, and an Ideas Marketplace where attendees can showcase their work.


In alignment with our impact-driven summit, we are asking participants to share a photo taking action that positively impacts waterways of any kind. 

By filling out the form below, you can indicate whether you’d like to feature your work, as well as access the full agenda and list of speakers.

We will not use your photo or statement without your expressed consent.

Please answer the questions below to be taken to the virtual summit platform, which has more info on the event speakers and agenda.  


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