SOA Connects Sept 3, 2020: 859 people from 88 countries


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Sustainable Ocean Alliance is accelerating ocean solutions around the world. Here are their stories.

Focusing on women in ocean tech, science, and innovation, with over 40 female speakers and panelists. 

Over 400 attendees submitted their impact statements/photos as an illustration of their commitment to the ocean.

You can see their statements in the event Executive Summary.

Copy of SOA Connects Executive Summary_ September 3, 2020


Workshops & Panelists

Impact Investing 

  • Kim Kolt, Moderator - Founder and President of For Good Ventures
  • Jan Yoshioka - Director of Ocean Investments, Conservation International 
  • Nina Lapagcan - Program Director, Oceankind
  • Jennie Sanders - Director of Investments, Ellevest

Circular Economy: Sustainable Innovation in Fashion's Supply Chain

  • Jennifer Lee, Moderator - Contributing Luxury Editor at
  • Clara Mattioli - Global Marketing DIrector at Wolford
  • Andreas Rohrich - Director of Product Development and Innovation at Wolford
  • Stephanie Connolly - Manager of Textiles and Apparel, Cradle 2 Cradle
  • Celine Seeman - Founder of Science Driven Fashion  Incubator called One x One

UN Decade of the Ocean: Global Priorities and Incorporating Youth in the Decade of Ocean Science

  • Eugenia Barroca - SOA Portuguese Language Regional Representative and All-Atlantic Youth Ambassador
  • Katie Geddes  - Program Manager, NOAA Research International Activities
  • Taylor Goelz - Knauss Marine Policy Fellow, NOAA Research
  • Assia Edderouzi - Manager, Ocean Sustainability Programs at Fugro and ECOP Representative
  • Anna-Marie Laura - Director, International Government Relations at Ocean Conservancy

Real-Time Crisis: Mauritius Oil Spill and Crowdsourcing Solutions

  • Gregoire Rouxel - Mauritian Influencer on the ground
  • Sawan Badooa - SOA Ocean Leader

Environmental Film Panel

  • Ana Blanco - Executive Director of International Ocean Film Festival
  • Dr. Erika Woolsey - Co-Founder and CEO of The Hydrous
  • Linda Booker - Director and Producer of Straws

Real-Time Crisis: Ecuadorian Marine Violations

  • Stephanie Torres - SOA Peru
  • Ericka Carrera - SOS Galapagos
  • Gabriela Martinez -Galapagos Biosphere Reserve, UNESCO-MAB Programme
  • Maximiliano Bello - Mission Blue 

Next SOA Connects Ocean Solutions Summit: November 5, 2020

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