Monaco Announces Official Position Against Deep-Sea Mining


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On September 29, Prince Albert II of Monaco officially announced the Principality of Monaco's position against deep-sea mining ahead of the next meeting at the International Seabed Authority (ISA). Learn more about this exciting announcement and what it means for the future of our deep sea.

A Win for the Protection of our Deep Sea

On stage at the Grand Océan Event in France, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco officially announced the position of the Principality of Monaco condemning deep-sea mining and joining the chorus of States committed to preventing the start of the destructive industry in international waters.

When asked by Sciences et Avenir about Monaco’s position, H.S.H. responded:

cover-r4x3w1200-65250adcdca69-albert-ii"I'm not alone in taking this position [against deep seabed mining], and I hope that those who have adopted it will emerge victorious from this battle. 

It's totally irresponsible to consider extracting mining resources when there isn't enough scientific data on these extreme marine environments, to conduct operations without having studied their impact. 

We cannot accept that."

This announcement now brings our efforts to 22 countries who have joined the call to stop deep-sea mining in international waters.  

Sustainable Ocean Alliance and our partners commend and congratulate HSH Prince Albert II for his leadership in accelerating progress for ocean protection and preservation. 


What Comes Next: The 28th Session Council Meeting III at the International Seabed Authority

This announcement comes just weeks ahead of the next Council Meeting at the International Seabed Authority (ISA)—the governing body responsible for monitoring and regulating deep-sea activity, with a particular emphasis on deep-sea mining. Monaco’s new position is just another clear signal to the ISA that the international effort to stop deep-sea mining is only growing in momentum.

From October 30 to November 8, SOA will be joining our youth delegates as Formal Observers of the ISA in Jamaica as we continue our work on the ground and give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of global citizens and youth who stand against deep-sea mining. This will be the final meeting of the 28th Session at the ISA for 2023 before the 29th Session resumes in 2024. 

We will be providing firsthand critical updates from the Council Meeting with insight into what is being discussed, negotiated, and agreed upon.


How YOU Can Help

If you’re ready to take action, here are a few steps you can take to prevent deep-sea mining:

Ocean Advocates:


Divest from these deep-sea mining companies:


Additional Resources:

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