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This year, we're proud to welcome two cohorts to the Ocean Solutions Accelerator.  Scroll to meet 16 of the world's top ocean tech startups—and the newest additions to the SOA family.


The 5th Wave Cohort (Fall 2021)

 Our second OSA cohort this year is comprised of seed to Series A-stage startups—and it's the first time we've welcomed a group at this stage. We're excited to welcome nine incredible companies to the crew, from the UK, Germany, and the USA . RSVP now to learn more about them on October 7th for Demo Day!



ecoSPEARS is an environmental technology company ushering in the net-zero future of environmental cleanup. ecoSPEARS designs and develops green and sustainable technologies to extract and eliminate PCBs, dioxins, and other persistent organic pollutants (POPS) from the environment - forever.

ecoSPEARS is the exclusive licensee of patented NASA-developed environmental technologies. ecoSPEARS imagines a world where everyone has access to clean water, clean food, and clean air.


Kuleana is creating the next generation of seafood with plants and biotechnology.

After going through Y-Combinator's S20 batch and raising $6.5M Pre-Series A, Kuleana has products across the country with an initial foodservice focus. Products will be available online in Q4 2021 and targeting retail in 2022.


Oceanium has developed a proprietary, “green” biorefinery technology to process seaweed into high demand products including plant-based food & nutrition ingredients (protein, fibre) and circular life-cycle materials.

By “making the market” for farmed seaweed, Oceanium will catalyse the sustainable seaweed farming industry and pioneer the development of a new, environmentally friendly aquaculture industry in the Western Hemisphere and developing world.


Sway combats plastic pollution and its devastating effects by replacing single-use plastics with packaging made from seaweed.

Sway's technology drops into traditional plastic infrastructure, while simultaneously replenishing ocean health, sequestering carbon, promoting benevolent materials, and ultimately creating a more inclusive climate movement. The company is based in Berkeley, California, and works with seaweed farmers across the Western Hemisphere.


Planblue is building up a global seafloor database in high detail using our Underwater Satellites, to foster a sustainable Blue Economy.

Why the seafloor? It plays a key role in solving climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic waste pollution. Unfortunately, we cannot properly grasp the seafloor's true economic and ecological value. We do this by combining AI with advanced imaging and underwater navigation.


Returnity replaces single-use shipping and delivery packaging by designing, manufacturing and implementing reusable packaging and circular logistics systems.

Used for over 500,000 shipments per month, their packaging addresses the negative impacts from the rapid growth in direct to consumer shipping.

SeaForestation Co

SeaForestation Co provides deepwater solar irrigation services and equipment for replete seaweed cultivation across the oceans to meet food security needs, ecosystem life support and carbon export applications.

Restoring natural upwelling with deepwater irrigation of seaweed platforms restores production rates lost due to climate disruption, while staving off the Permian Mass Extinction one kelp forest at a time. SeaForestation Co addresses billion-dollar markets in food, feed and agricultural amendments while regenerating critical marine ecosystems and measuring carbon export to the deep ocean.

Full Cycle Bioplastics

Pioneers of a regenerative economy, Full Cycle Bioplastics redefines waste through material alchemy. We are a biotech company that addresses the issues of plastic pollution, food waste, and climate change by transforming organic waste into Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a high-performing compostable alternative to oil-based plastics. 

Full Cycle's proprietary bacteria-powered technology converts mixed organic waste streams such as inedible food waste, agricultural by-products and dirty paper and cellulosic wastes into PHA. We help organic waste generators and processors profitably move towards circularity while replacing oil-based plastics across the supply chain.


Ichthion is a UK company with operations in South America that develops and implements award-winning technologies and solutions to decrease plastic pollution in our ocean. The company also designs and executes circular economy programs for its customers based on data.

So far, Ichthion has received around USD 2.2 million in its seed investment round, multiple international grants, and contracts for its R&D development and operations. The start-up is currently raising Series A.


The 4th Wave Cohort (Summer 2021)

From Norway and Scotland to Israel and Canada, these seven groundbreaking companies are transforming the landscape of ocean technology all over the world. We're so excited to welcome them to the Ocean Solutions Accelerator family.



Based in Norway, B'ZEOS is a green tech company offering sustainable, home-compostable, and bio-digestible packaging solutions made from seaweed extracts to combat plastic pollution.

B’ZEOS uses kelp since it can provide a sustainable feedstock for biopolymers through both cultivation and harvesting. The manufacturing process of the material does not use harsh chemicals and does not rely on land-based crops.

Whale Seeker

Founded in 2018, Whale Seeker is a Montreal-based startup aiming to bridge the divide between profitability and sustainability by using AI to automate whale detection, making it fast, accurate, and accessible to everyone.

Whale Seeker’s proprietary technology uses AI to speed up the analysis of remotely sensed images to detect whales. Our data help strengthen environmental impact assessments, support industry in complying with marine regulations, improve companies’ bottom lines,  and ultimately help protect whales.


Tēnaka is a social business whose mission is to restore the blue carbon sinks of our planet by developing tailor-made corporate responsibility programs and impact measurement technologies.

Seawater Solutions

Seawater Solutions creates, implements, and scales wetland farming solutions across target regions suffering from salinisation and other climate-threats to agriculture and our coastal wetlands.

From aquaculture to saline agriculture, the company integrates nature-based solutions into sea-based industries to maximise the benefits that wetlands create for coastal communities.

Blue Innov (Finsulate)

Blue Innov is a French company dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly innovations in the nautical sector.

Until now, they have been totally dedicated to Finsulate, an antifouling innovation created by the dutch researcher Rik Breur. Blue Innov is also the first and the only company to have implanted Finsulate in France three years ago.


Hohonu partners with federal agencies to deploy low-cost IoT sensors along coastlines, and in the process collects valuable water level data to help other commercial markets mitigate against sea level rise.

In the last six months, Hohonu has signed contracts with NOAA across 14 U.S. states to deploy its real-time IoT sensor network in coastlines, rivers, and streams.


Plantish is a food technology company developing plant-based seafood products. Founded in Feb 2021 by serial entrepreneurs and a team of 3D printing, chemistry, and bioengineering Ph.Ds, the company has raised a $2M pre-seed round from some of the world’s prominent company builders including 30 unicorn founders.