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If we've learned anything over the last few tumultuous years, it's that the through-line of our shared human experience is as much sweeping global currents, from pandemics to climate change, as it is our individual and community actions.

What matters is how we choose to connect the global, the local, and the personal. One of the most straightforward ways to do that for folks who are passionate (maybe even a little...obsessive...) about ocean sustainability? Redirect your energy for working on critical ocean issues from past-time to full-time.

This year, we are so excited to redouble our efforts to build and serve the global ocean workforce. 

To start, we'll be dispatching a monthly review of the latest incredible job opportunities in the ocean sustainability and technology space, sourced in large part from our growing global community of Ocean Solutions Accelerator alumni. You'll need to sign up here to receive our monthly ocean jobs dispatch.

Here are just a few examples of the incredible opportunities we'll be featuring each month: 

Full Cycle Bioplastics: VP Engineering, Project Manager, Fermentation Research Associate, Executive Assistant, and more

NovoLoop: Process Chemist, Site Operations Manager, and more

Navier: Full Stack Engineer

Subscribe here to be the first to know about dozens of incredible job opportunities in the ocean world—and to find out about funding opportunities, priority program applications, access SOA's fast-growing event programming, and much more. We are preparing to announce some game-changing program updates and brand-new opportunities—don't miss out! 

Here's to a 2022 where we feel connected, empowered, and like we're on the right path to making a real difference for our ocean. #JoinTheAlliance today and stick with us for what promises to be the truly amazing year ahead.


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