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Sustainable Ocean Alliance is accelerating ocean solutions around the world. Here are their stories.

Sustainable Ocean Alliance was thrilled to join solutions-focused thought leaders from around the world at Aspen Ideas: Climate earlier this month. Our Founder & CEO Daniela Fernadez spoke at the event's closing plenary in Miami. While on stage, she unveiled our inaugural Ocean Solutions Report to the world. This report highlights the 222 new groundbreaking solutions to heal, restore, and sustain our ocean that were created by innovative entrepreneurs and youth around the world, and accelerated by SOA.

These solutions were brought to life thanks to a partnership with Marc Benioff, Co-CEO and Chair of Salesforce. In 2019, Benioff challenged the nonprofit to accelerate 100 ocean solutions on stage at the World Economic Forum. As detailed in the report, SOA more than doubled that goal by accelerating 222 solutions – with many more on the way.

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In total, SOA has dispersed $1.3 million in funding to 45 startups and 177 nonprofit microgrants, focusing on 5 key impact areas:

  • CO2 reduction & blue carbon
  • Pollution reduction & the circular economy
  • Blue foods
  • Ocean data, literacy & research
  • Ecosystem preservation & restoration

You can watch Daniela's speech unveiling the report below.



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