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From March 18-29, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and its members are convening in Kingston, Jamaica for the 29th Session Meeting to continue negotiating deep-sea mining regulations and the mining code.

If agreed upon and adopted, this would open our delicate ocean to commercial deep-sea mining and pave the way for a destructive and extractive industry to begin—without fully understanding the damage it would have on global ecosystems, or the science behind it.

Why are we so concerned about deep-sea mining? 

Deep-sea mining is an extractive industry that seeks to plunder deep-sea ecosystems for finite mineral resources—impacting critical ecosystems in the process. The industry is littered with greenwashing claims, corrupt leaders, and financial instability

This industry doesn’t just affect the deep sea, it threatens the health and livelihood of the entire ocean, the planet, and all those who depend on it. And now, this is the first time in our generation's history that we have the opportunity to STOP ecological destruction BEFORE it begins.


What is SOA doing to make sure young voices are heard? 

SOA will be on the ground as official Observers at the ISA alongside our youth delegation, allies, and partners to advocate on behalf of young people everywhere that deep-sea mining is not wanted or needed for our sustainable future.

Below, get to the young Observers who are representing SOA at this month's ISA meeting.

SOA's Deep-Sea Delegation, ISA 29th Session I


Candelaria Belén Piemonte, SOA Argentina

Candelaria, this is your first ISA Meeting with SOA! What do you hope to gain from this experience? 

I am excited to participate in a discussion so important for the future of our common home. I hope to hear honest and committed voices, consciously engaged with the health of the oceans. 

Today, in my country, the current government has raised doubts about the sacred value of nature for our health and the continuity of life, once again portraying nature as a mere extractive resource. 

Therefore, with both sadness and hope, I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Argentina in a place where we can discuss and decide, hopefully remembering that we are part of the same Earth, in fact, that we are the Earth conversing and deciding what to do with itself.


Credit: Centro de Estudios de Mastozoología Marina Biobío

Daniel Caceres Bartra, Regional Representative for Hispanoamerica

Daniel, you are a veteran now at the ISA. How do you feel going into this year's meetings after attending the last two years? 

I am filled with hope due to the tremendous amount of support the ocean is getting. 

It is amazing to know that we are speaking up on behalf of so many young individuals who understand more than ever before the need for a global moratorium on deep-sea mining, the importance of focusing our efforts on filling in the gaps in all the science in the deep sea, and protecting the services the ocean provides us—rather than focus on adopting or continuing writing mining regulations with no social, economic or environmental legitimacy. 



Khadija Stewart, Regional Representative for the Caribbean

Khadija, you also have attended the ISA for the last two years. What do you hope to see come out of this year's meetings? 

Attending the International Seabed Authority's Council Meeting reinforces my conviction in the need for immediate action to protect the deep ocean. 

I am anxious, excited, and scared because there is always a curve ball and we never know which direction it is going to come from or where it's going to go. 

One thing is for certain and that's the fact that nations must unite in advocating for a precautionary pause or a moratorium on deep-sea mining, recognizing the urgent need to safeguard our marine heritage.


Take Action for the Deep Sea

Want to support our efforts from wherever you are in the world? Here is how YOU can take action to prevent deep-sea mining:


Add your voice to SOA's calls to #DefendTheDeep across social media by resharing and following our social media posts on LinkedinInstagramTikTok, and Threads




Encourage your government and representatives to oppose the industry. More than a dozen exploration contracts issued by ISA are held by these countries: China, India, Japan, Russia, and South Korea. Contact your official representative here.

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