Meet the Finalists: Ocean Pitch Challenge 2024


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Sustainable Ocean Alliance is accelerating ocean solutions around the world. Here are their stories.

Co-hosted in partnership with Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) and RespectOcean, the Ocean Pitch Challenge (OPC) is a global event for ocean ecopreneurs around the world to develop and promote their solutions for the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Since 2021, SOA and RespectOcean have joined forces to co-host the OPC competition to advance solutions with a positive impact on the ocean. This year, we received 218 applications from 49 countries around the world for innovative solutions that combine sustainable blue economy development and ocean protection.

After careful review and deliberation from our expert review committee, 10 finalists were selected to pitch their solutions and compete for top prizes in this year's Grand Finale on May 28, 2024.

Get to know the 10 finalists who will be pitching their solutions in the 2024 Ocean Pitch Challenge Grand Finale.


Meet the Finalists

download-299x168AZUL BIO (U.S.)

About: Azul Bio creates coral microbiome boosters (CMBs) to immunize wild coral reefs against ocean warming and protect coastal businesses and communities from financial loss caused by coral reef decline.

Impact:  Azul Bio improves the resistance of corals to environmental stressors such as global warming, ocean acidification, and marine diseases to contribute to the preservation of coral reefs and support the livelihoods of those who depend on these critical ecosystems. 

Testimonial about OPC 2024: “The Ocean Pitch Challenge has expanded our awareness among investors and supporters in the global blue tech community.”Benjamin Alva, Founder & CEO



About: Biomanity has developed the first 100% biobased and biodegradable Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) sand for agricultural & environmental use made from chitosan—a biopolymer from shrimp shells. It acts as a water reservoir for plants and encapsulates fertilizers to prevent their dispersion into soils and aquatic ecosystems.

Impact: Biomanity prevents and significantly reduces marine pollution of organic waste resulting from land-based activities, and the sustainable protection and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Testimonial about OPC 2024: “Ocean Pitch Challenge: an adventure that mobilizes and unites us with kindness to change the face of our future. Special thank you to Caroline Mindus, Aurélie Dubois.” Bernard Gainnier, Founder & CEO



Solution: BLUU Seafood is the first company in Europe to specialize in the production of high-quality, sustainable fish products from cell cultures. Based on real animal protein cells, BLUU's technology and products come without animal suffering, without microplastics, without contamination of heavy metals, and thus without destruction of the environment. 

Impact: BLUU Seafood produces fish sustainably and cost-efficiently, thus making a significant contribution to securing the future supply of animal protein for mankind.



Solution: Ittinsect produces high-performance, sustainable aquaculture feed through the microbiological treatment of novel raw ingredients, including insects, microalgae, and agricultural byproducts. Ittinsect's product offers a sustainable alternative that eliminates a dependency on wild fishing as aquatic feed. 

Impact:  Ittinsect fights against overfishing and reduces the pressures on marine biodiversity by making aquaculture more sustainable for the ocean. 




Solution: Ocean Ledger is turning coastal risk (flooding, biodiversity loss) into an investable asset through natural capital accounting in compliance with UN SEEA, acting as a link between the conservation sector and businesses to assess the risk of inaction and chart a path for positive and targeted coastal mitigation. Using their innovative geospatial software, Ocean Ledger maps the extent, condition, and ecosystem services across time for mangrove, seagrass, coral reef, and saltmarsh ecosystems.

Impact:  Ocean Ledger improves the conservation and preservation of marine and coastal biodiversity by stimulating financial commitments to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Testimonial about OPC 2024: “I’ve gained empathy and the art of storytelling from the Ocean Pitch Challenge. Both are a must to align stakeholders from the nonprofit (conservation) sector and the for-profit (investor) realm, to incentivize scaled adoption of natural capital accounting." Paige Roepers, CEO & Co-Founder


ROYAL RECY BOAT (New Caledonia)

Solution: Royal Recy Boat transforms materials from decommissioned ships into new, secondary raw materials for construction, furniture, and more. Royal Recy Boat also recycles materials from swimming pools, pool filters, wind turbines, and other everyday objects to market.

Impact: Royal Recy Boat prevents marine pollution and strengthens the preservation of marine and coastal biodiversity while reducing the exploitation of marine resources. 


SEA BEDDER (Indonesia)

Solution: Sea Bedder is an innovative mapping tool designed to mitigate damage to coral reefs caused by ship anchoring practices. Through the use of AIS data, Sea Bedder enables the location and visual mapping of vessels and provides vessel owners with a better understanding of nearby ocean ecosystems. 

Impact: Sea Bedder fosters the preservation of coral reefs, the conservation of marine biodiversity, the promotion of sustainable tourism, and the progression of research and monitoring data. In addition, it allows for improved understanding and management of ocean ecosystems, thereby facilitating decision-making on conservation and sustainable development. 

Testimonial about OPC 2024: "Participating in the Ocean Pitch Challenge has reinforced my commitment to marine conservation. It has provided me with critical support and exposure, empowering me to turn my vision into reality. This experience has been a significant step forward in my journey to protect coral reef conservation zones from devastation and contribute to the broader goal of sustaining our precious marine and coastal ecosystems." — Risala Sujat Swara, Founder


SUBSEA QUIETER by Greenov (France) 

Solution: The SubSea Quieter (SSQ) reduces the harmful underwater noise and turbidity pollution generated by human maritime activities like coastal and pile driving works. This underwater noise mitigation system is made with an innovative 3D membrane of inflatable panels that break between the water and air to dramatically reduce sounds.

Impact: The SubSea Quieter reduces marine noise pollution from submarine and maritime works while sustainably protecting marine and coastal biodiversity.

Testimonial about OPC 2024: "Taking part in this challenge has been very important to us as a startup to gain visibility and raise the necessary funds to support our solution. Through our participation, we hope to also raise awareness of the impacts of underwater noise on ecosystems—in particular the noise from wind turbine installation work—that our solution aims to solve."— Damien Demoor, Founder & CEO



Solution: Upcycle Africa empowers traditionally marginalized communities through education, training, and employment opportunities to fight pollution. The organization champions zero-waste campaigns, community-based waste management, and the conversion of waste into products, building materials, and fuel. 

Impact:  Upcycle Africa prevents and reduces plastic waste pollution, empowers marginalized communities, creates blue jobs, promotes sustainable livelihoods, and preserves the environment.


WAVEX (France)

Solution: WaveX provides nearshore wave energy conversion devices that operate mostly under the sand to produce carbon-free electricity all year round with no visual impact or interference with other activities. These devices can adapt to large tidal ranges and be installed close to the shore, simplifying their connection to the grid and local businesses. This solution also harnesses the power of waves and currents to replenish sand on beaches and counteract the impacts of coastal erosion.

Impact: WaveX improves access to clean energy, reduces pollution from traditional maritime energy systems, and preserves and restores critical marine and coastal ecosystems.




Sustainable Ocean Alliance and RespectOcean extend our sincerest gratitude to The Ocean Pitch Challenge 2024 event partners: 

2024-partners-majun ocean decadeThe Ocean Pitch Challenge is officially endorsed by the United Nations as an Ocean Decade activity.