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Calling all ocean innovators: Applications for the 2022 Ocean Hackathon are now OPEN!

Join SOA for a 48-hour challenge in the San Francisco Bay Area to help solve the ocean’s greatest problems by enhancing the value of marine data through innovation.

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What is the Ocean Hackathon? 

The Ocean Hackathon is a global event hosted by Campus Mondial de la Mer to amplify innovative ocean solutions and create a community of ocean-focused leaders driven by innovation. 

The hackathon will be hosted in 15 participating cities worldwide from December 2-4, 2022. SOA is proud to co-host the U.S. edition of the Hackathon, which will take place in Sausalito, CA – amplifying the great ideas of ocean innovators from to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The event is sponsored by SOA's generous partners at Bank of the West, and is supported by our collaborators at the Center for Sea Rise Solutions and Climate Tech Cocktails.

Introducing the six Ocean Hackathon challenges

 During this year's edition of the hackathon, participants will have the opportunity to join the following challenges:

Quantify Seaweed Farms with Satellite Imagery
Challenge Owner: Monica Mortisch, Environmental Defense Fund (SOA Partner) 

This challenge aims to develop a machine learning algorithm or other automated methods to estimate the number and area of seaweed farms in the world from high-resolution satellite imagery.

AI for Coral Bleaching Monitoring
Challenge Owner: Marcel Kempers, Reef Support (SOA Microgrant Recipient)

Global mass coral-bleaching events have been continuous and severe in the past decade. Large-scale monitoring of coral reefs requires significant investment in collecting and processing data. The objective of this challenge is to use the images derived from underwater monitoring and segmentation models to estimate the percentage of bleaching corals, allowing researchers to obtain a deeper understanding of global coral reef health and resiliency.

Offshore Wind Planning and Habitat Restoration
Challenge Owner: Tom Birbeck, ARC Marine (SOA Startup)

As offshore wind energy takes off around the world, mapping site locations overlayed with marine habitat types grows increasingly important when it comes to ecosystem and species protection. This challenge will enable project planners to efficiently implement measures that can help restore and protect marine ecosystems and species. 

Efficient Testing Platform for Sustainable & Alternative Seafood
Challenge Owner: Ofek Ron, Plantish (SOA Startup) 

Today’s inefficiency in testing new ingredients when creating alternative seafood products creates barriers to progress. This challenge aims to build a streamlined platform in which alternative seafood suppliers can list their available products for testing to customers, improving supply chain efficiency and accelerating sustainable products to the market.

Ocean Regulation and Monitoring in Coastal Cities
Challenge Owner: Joana Balsemão, Cascais Municipality

There is a large gap in ocean regulation and monitoring of nautical use along coastal cities. Data inaccuracies for coastal mapping and maritime activities create conflict, enable illegal fishing, disproportionately affect local artisan fishers, and impact marine biodiversity. This challenge aims to create a real-time coastal monitoring tracking system, allowing for improved coastal maritime management and regulation enforcement for coastal communities. 

Electrification of Maritime Vessels
Challenge Owner: John Dire, Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition

As society begins to transition to the decarbonization of the maritime industry, the demand for the electrification of maritime vessels is rapidly increasing. This challenge works to systematically reduce the carbon footprint of maritime ecosystems through improvements in vessels and shipping logistics related to electrification.


Who should participate in the Ocean Hackathon?

Whether you are a marine biologist, mechanical engineer, or ocean advocate seeking to support the ocean-impact space, we want you to join us! This program is open to all ages, locations, or demographics. 

SOA is offering a limited opportunity for financial assistance to travel to Sausalito, California, for up to 10 SOA Ocean Hub leaders and existing Hub members.

Why should you participate in the Ocean Hackathon?

The Ocean Hackathon is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded innovators to build scalable solutions that will restore the health of our ocean. Participants will have access to top-tier mentors and industry leaders to support the most inventive solutions tackling our ocean’s greatest challenges. 

This year’s edition is taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area within the coastal city of Sausalito, CA overlooking the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. 

The top winners of the Ocean Hackathon will receive:

A trip to compete in the grand finale of the Ocean Hackathon in Brest, France 2023

Curated support from the SOA Team, mentors, and partners

Unique programming opportunities


How to Apply to Participate

Now, it is all hands on deck to save our ocean—and we are looking for ocean innovators just like you. Click here to apply!



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