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Sustainable Ocean Alliance is accelerating ocean solutions around the world. Here are their stories.

At Sustainable Ocean Alliance we are fighting climate change – one solution at a time. It is a privilege to support community-led projects around the world with our microgrant program. Each of these projects are created by nonprofit organizations, and are eligible to receive up to $15,000 in funding from SOA. Impact areas range from deep seabed mining, to ecosystem protection, to ocean literacy, and more!

Here are the latest microgrant awardees, from May 2022:

microgrant forest scholarsForest Scholars
Location: Kenya, United Kingdom | Awarded to: The Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services
Ten students from the communities surrounding two mangrove forests, Mikoko Pamoja and Vanga Blue Forest, will be recruited and trained in forest monitoring and conservation to continue to provide over 7,000 tonnes of verified carbon offsets each year. This meets the important need these communities have for training and capacity building among local youth to engage them practical conservation projects. They will learn how to collect and analyze forest data, and receive training on key concepts of climate change, carbon sequestration and conservation that underpin the maintenance of these 'Blue Carbon' ecosystems.
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SOACaribbean-TrinidadTurtleWatchingandTaggingTour1Caribbean Youth Against Deep-Sea Mining
Location: Trinidad and Tobago | Awarded to: SOA Caribbean Hub
The International Seabed Authority (ISA) is based in Jamaica and determines the fate of seabed mining permits for deep sea mining anywhere in the world. This project will amplify the voices of Caribbean youth and increase local awareness of the uncertainties and harm surrounding this emerging industry.
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microgrant deep sea defendersDeep Sea Defenders
Location: Canada | Awarded to: Deep Sea Defenders
Deep Sea Defenders will organize a demonstration outside the Metals Company HQ (the parent company of Nauru Ocean Resources, Inc. and a primary instigator of the “2 year rule” of the ISA) in Vancouver on World Oceans Day on June 8th. They will also produce a documentary and a social media campaign about deep seabed mining.
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microgrant deep seabed mining soa ghana hub campiagnAfrican Collaboration to Defeat Deep Sea Mining
Location: Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria | Awarded to: SOA Ghana Hub
SOA Ghana aims to develop a policy dialogue, youth dialogue, position paper and digital campaign for youth and politicians in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria to galvanize stakeholder support and ensure that the youth’s position on deep-seabed moratorium is unambiguously represented by the Africa group at ISA.
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microgrant cameroon forbi perise blue carbon mangrovesYouth Leaders for Blue Carbon Ecosystems
Location: Cameroon | Awarded to: SOA Cameroon Hub
Forbi Perise (SOA Regional Representative for Africa) will bring 70 students from around Cameroon to visit mangrove forests as part of an initiative to train 115 young professionals on the importance of blue carbon ecosystems and how to preserve them.
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microgrant ecaudor el océano no se minaDigital Campaign: El océano no se mina
Location: Ecuador | Awarded to: SOA Ecuador Hub
SOA Ecuador will work with Latin American influencers on a social media challenge to raise awareness and take action on deep seabed mining. They will use the submissions to compile a digital campaign, announce the winners, and host a discussion.
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microgrant deep sea mining norwayDeep Seabed Mining Norway (Vol.2)
Location: Norway | Awarded to: World Saving Hustle
World Saving Hustle's (WSH) is engaging their 600 members to continue their important campaign for a moratorium on deep seabed mining in Norway. In collaboration with WWF Norway and Friends of the Earth Norway, WSH will produce talks and articles, circulate 11 petitions throughout Norway, and make connections with at least 5 political parties to inform them about the issue and its impacts.
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