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Calling all ocean solutions: Sustainable Ocean Alliance is proud to share a brand-new opportunity to sponsor four of our solutions to participate in the upcoming Knodes Program, facilitated by the Knodes Network!

Through this opportunity, highly-skilled PhD consultants will work with you to provide key insights to help accelerate your ideas. This opportunity is exclusively for SOA startups, nonprofits, and micrograntees—and it starts in October. You can learn more at the virtual Showcase Event on September 16th.

Please note: Applications close September 30th.

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About the Program

The Knodes Network Program is a 3-week experience that facilitates collaboration between current or graduated PhD candidates (the researchers) and ocean tech ventures. Each venture is partnered with a team of researchers from the University of Western Australia, who create a detailed and evidence-based report around a topic to advance the venture's mission.  Two of SOA’s incredible team of mentors, Justin Geldard and Carly Portch, lead this program. They both understand what it takes to accelerate ocean tech solutions.

Since its inaugural program in 2021,  four startups and 11 PhD researchers have participated in the program. The 2022 session runs from October 17th-November 6th. If your organization is looking to accelerate new ideas using insights from the latest research and technology, this is an incredible opportunity to connect with specialized experts and academics.

This is the first of several education and growth opportunities that we will be introducing to our solutions this year!

Watch the September 16th information session >>


Past Participants from SOA

Four of our ocean solutions participated in the program in 2021 – B'ZEOS, Plantish, Hohonu and Whale Seeker. For B'ZEOS, which develops seaweed-based plastic packaging replacements, the final report focused on opportunities for importing brown seaweed or alginate in temperate and tropical waters, with an investigation into the state of production and export capacities.

For Plantish, which creates plant-based fish replacements, the report explored fish consumption and sustainability in the U.S. market, providing key insights about the species most at risk and customer behavior at grocery stores and in restaurants. For Hohonu, which monitors real-time tides and water levels, the report analyzed Australian market potential based on an overview of regional tidal ranges and how data is currently used.

For Whale Seeker, which uses AI to deliver better, simpler, and faster whale detection data, the report synthesized current understandings of the applications of machine learning techniques to whale detection from aerial and satellite imagery, finding that automated detection is often as accurate as human performance.

The startups found the program highly rewarding:

  • "Exceeded expectations, incredible knowledge, invaluable for guiding the future of our start-up" - B'ZEOS

  • "If the students want a job, they have one here!" - Plantish

  • "Really great experience working with potential end users who know the Australian tidal market and demand the best. (Our researchers) were excellent at managing and establishing project expectations." - Hohonu

  • "This work filled a gap that was hard to fill otherwise." - Whale Seeker

Participation usually costs $5,000 USD, but SOA will be covering the expense for 4 ventures in this upcoming session. For more information about the Knodes Program, click here or email info@knodes.com.au.


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