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Sustainable Ocean Alliance is accelerating ocean solutions around the world. Here are their stories.

The Ocean Solutions Accelerator has propelled 45 startups on their journeys to restoring the ocean through technology and business innovation. We believe that our OSA alumni are leading this global movement, and we love when the world agrees!

Here are some OSA alumni startups' big wins from the last few months of 2021. 

Kuleana is creating the next generation of seafood with plants and biotechnology. After going through Y-Combinator's S20 batch and raising $6.5M Pre-Series A, Kuleana has products across the country with an initial foodservice focus. Products will be available online in Q4 2021 and targeting retail in 2022. 

Read: Kuleana's Tuna: The Best Inventions of 2021: Catch of Tomorrow

Dispatch Goods eliminates disposable foodware from food delivery by integrating into food delivery apps, allowing customers to select zero-waste deliveries. 

Read: Dispatch Goods: Startups take the waste out of takeout at 'The Cusp of a Reuse Revolution'

Hohonu is an early-stage public-private startup company that is developing a real-time data intelligence platform to monitor and predict the impact of changing sea levels and water quality.

Read: Hohonu: Working with 54 Southeast U.S. Communities to Improve Flood Risk Management

PlanetCare has designed the only purpose built microfiber filter that has been independently tested to capture over 90% of the fibers of all size ranges before they leave the drain pumps. The filter is installed as an external attachment to washing machines. As part of a closed loops system, cartridges are collected after use and reused/recycled.

Read: PlanetCare: Wash Filter | Innovation Nation - Find out how this invention is preventing millions of microplastics from ending up in our waters!

Pioneers of a regenerative economy, Full Cycle Bioplastics redefines waste through material alchemy. They are a biotech company that addresses the issues of plastic pollution, food waste, and climate change by transforming organic waste into Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a high-performing compostable alternative to oil-based plastics. Full Cycle's proprietary bacteria-powered technology converts mixed organic waste streams such as inedible food waste, agricultural by-products and dirty paper and cellulosic wastes into PHA. They help organic waste generators and processors profitably move towards circularity while replacing oil-based plastics across the supply chain.

Read: Full Cycle Bioplastics: This startup turns food waste into bioplastic that can break down in the ocean.


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