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Sustainable Ocean Alliance is accelerating ocean solutions around the world. Here are their stories.

In November, our latest cohort of startups completed the Ocean Solutions Accelerator program, and joined our community of global ocean tech alumni. With 45 world-changing ventures (and counting), the OSA alumni are making headlines left and right.

Here's some of the latest breaking news from our incredible alumni companies!

This milestone event from OSA alum Calwave marks the beginning of California’s first at-sea, long-duration wave energy pilot operating fully submerged. The CalWave x1™ will be tested for six months with the goal of validating the performance and reliability of the system in open ocean.

Operating fully submerged without visual impact, CalWave’s xWave™ architecture is capable of breaking through the fundamental challenges that have held the industry back so far: a technology that achieves high performance while being able to control structural loads in rare but destructive storms on all parts of the system.

The CalWave x1™ is well suited for the needs of end-users of the blue economy with applications in offshore inspection, aquaculture, ocean science, and others that require access to power and data offshore. Read more here.

Founded in 2018 by Emily Charry Tissier, Antoine Gagné-Turcotte and Bertrand Charry, Whale Seeker is bridging the divide between profitability and sustainability by making whale detection fast, accurate, and accessible. And they've just accomplished a major "first" for any impact-driven AI company: they've achieved B-Corp status!

Whale Seeker's hybrid solutions use human expertise, proprietary AI and aerial imagery to deliver quick, high-quality analysis for mammal detection projects of all sizes. Their data supports marine regulation compliance, improves bottom lines, bolsters sustainability, strengthens environmental impact assessments, and ultimately – protects whales. Read about their recent B-Corp certification here!

The 50 to Watch program is in its third year, highlighting early-stage companies who are addressing significant climate challenges with industry waste, carbon emissions, access to renewable energy, clean water and food insecurity. These companies are providing climate tech solutions that are not only sustainable for the environment, but for the economy as well. Read more here!

Two OSA alumni have been recognized by AngelList for Ocean Exploration! German startup Planblue is sending AI-powered satellites to the ocean floor to create a global seafloor database. An international team recently produced a complete atlas of Earth’s coral reefs as part of a project conceived by late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Aquaai is gathering ocean intel using its robotic fish, which are equipped with 4K cameras & plug-n-play sensors for superior data acquisition. Unobtrusive, designed with Mother Nature in mind to immerse with natural habitat. 

Not only are women disproportionately affected by climate change—they also may just be more likely to help provide solutions and finances for it. We're thrilled to share that two of our alumni leaders, Karen Scofield (Oceanium) and Liane Thomason (Aquaai) have been recognized for their #climatetech leadership among 20 women driving the future of Climate Tech!



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