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Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Who We Are

The Sustainable Ocean Alliance is a global community of youth, entrepreneurs, and experts, all collaborating to solve the greatest challenges facing our ocean.


What began in 2014 in a Georgetown dorm room has turned into the largest youth-led network of ocean allies in the world.

Reaching 6,000+ people in 165 countries, SOA was born to accelerate solutions, cultivate leaders and create a community that will restore the ocean in our lifetime.

Ocean Solutions Accelerator
Ocean Leadership Program

Our vision is to restore the health of the ocean in our lifetime.

Our mission is to bring next-gen leaders, entrepreneurs, advocates, mentors, and partners together to accomplish that vision, and create solutions for the largest challenges facing our ocean.

Our Impact

SOA has curated the world's largest network of young ocean leaders, entrepreneurs, and ocean health advocates.

We've accelerated 29 companies since 2018, who have gone on to raise over $25M in follow-on funding. We've built a presence in 165 countries, where we reach over 5,000 leaders globally. We currently have 64 Hubs in 44 countries, and have funded 100+ grassroots initiatives to date. 


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