Ellie Mackay

Posted by Sustainable Ocean Alliance on Oct 18, 2019 12:04:01 AM

Ellie Mackay 1Ellie is a National Geographic Expedition Scientist, Filmmaker, Explorer and Educator. She has been researching and promoting plastic waste solutions for over a decade, and launched ocean tech startup Ellipsis in January of this year, to provide the robust and universal information we critically need about this global issue. 

“With the rising tide of plastic continuing to threaten millions of species, our human health and the global fishing and shipping industries, the need to tackle ocean plastic pollution is more urgent than ever before. But all of the solutions we are developing will be useless if they cannot be effectively deployed to the most vulnerable regions. And currently, 99% of plastic in our oceans is untraced. Ellipsis provides the software to map the missing 99% of ocean plastic by treasure-hunting it from above - surveying, identifying and mapping plastic waste using our unique algorithm and providing this data to key stakeholders who can make objective, actionable decisions.”

Ellie is a keen advocate of youth activism and empowerment through education, and an ambassador for girls and women in STEM education and careers around the world. She is keen to meet with delegates of the OOYS and hear about international efforts by young people in this field.

Topics: Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit 2019