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photo: Dyna Kagendo, SOA Kenya

Plastics and Ocean Health: Unmasking Plastics

Ridding the ocean ecosystem of harmful plastics is not as simple as performing cleanups. The plastic crisis is rooted in deeper issues like what we conceive of as "waste" and the perverse economic and social systems that perpetuate the use of cheap, non-renewable materials, which negatively impacts those that receive the least support to properly handle the consequences.

That's why we've create the Unmasking Plastic series: to give a holistic and diverse perspective on this issue, drawing upon over two dozen expert voices. 

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This series is generously supported by the Swarovski Foundation, which supports initiatives and organizations conserving natural resources through water sustainability and environmental projects to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. 

SOA Deep seabed mining infographic

Seabed Mining & Youth Webinars

SOA is focusing on the emerging threat of deep-seabed mining in 2020. Check out the webinars below and our campaign for a seabed mining moratorium to educate yourself and get involved. 

  • Building a Youth-Led Blue New Deal
  • Deep-Seabed Ecology
  • The Policy Behind Seabed Mining
  • Youth For a Seabed Mining Moratorium
  • A Pacific Island Perspective on Seabed Mining
  • An African Perspective on Seabed Mining
  • Deep-Sea Exploration and Stewardship
  • Ocean Leaders for a Sustainable Future
November 18th, 2020
Delivering on SDG 14 by Reaching a WTO Agreement to End Harmful Fisheries Subsidies
50 Days to Stop #OverFundingOverfishing
with Michelle Kuruc, Andres Cisneros, Reyna Gilbert, U. Simaila
December 11, 2019
Building a Youth-Led Blue New Deal
with Jason Scorce
January 8, 2020
Deep-Seabed Ecology
January 29, 2020
The Policy Behind Seabed Mining
with Matthew Gianni
March 4, 2020
English and Spanish
Youth for a Seabed Mining Moratorium
with Daniel Cáceres Bartra
May 21, 2020
Seabed Mining: An African Perspective
with Sheena Talma, Angelique Pouponneau, Thembile Joyini
April 1, 2020
A Pacific Island Perspective on Seabed Mining
June 9, 2020
Deep-Sea Exploration and Stewardship
with Dr. Diva Amon, Julie Packard, Lisa Levin, Dr. Carlie Wiener, Dr. Lucy Woodall
June 25, 2020
Exploring & Protecting Our Next Frontier: The Deep Sea
with Julie Packard and Daniela Fernandez
September 24, 2020
Action through YPAC: Ocean Leaders for a Sustainable Future
with Mark Haver, Dewigdi Valiente, Marina Porto, Jeremy Raguain
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Daniel Cáceres Bartra-1
Daniel Cáceres Bartra

Webinars in Spanish

Webinars LatinoAmericanos feature Latin American ocean leaders and experts, and are facilitated by the leader of the SOA Peru Hub and Spanish language and Latin America Representative, Daniel Cáceres Bartra.

April 9, 2020
Spanish (Mexico)
Educación ambiental | Conservación de especies en peligro de extinción
with Ibrahí Rodríguez Larreta
April 16, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
Biodiversidad marina en la Antártica
with Keyssi Rodriguez
April 30
Spanish (Panama)
Arte y Cambio Climático
May 7, 2020
Spanish (Colombia)
RELLAC- Joven: Red de Jovenes Lideres en Áreas Protegidas y Conservadas de Latinoamerica y el Caribe
with Milena Marrugo
May 14, 2020
Spanish (Ecuador)
La Reserva Marina de Galápagos como modelo de manejo participativo
May 21, 2020
Spanish (Chile)
Inspiración para la conservación, un ejemplo en la Patagonia
with Maria Molina
May 28, 2020
Spanish (Costa Rica)
Santuario del Tiburón Martillo Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica: un modelo comunitario de conservación marina
with Enrique Uribe
June 11, 2020
Conocer el Mar en Comunidad
with con Daniela Belén Risaro y Micaela Belen Stange
June 4, 2020
¿Hay Esperanza para el Océano? Hope Spot en Uruguay, cómo llegamos, próximos desafíos
with Rodrigo García
June 21, 2020
Pesca artesanal en tiempos de covid-19
with Ruway
June 20, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
¿Por qué proteger los océanos? ¿Qué podemos hacer?
with Claudia Jacobo
June 19, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
Macroinvertebrados en las playas de Catarindo y Ballenitas / Contaminación marina
with SOA Arequipa
June 18, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
Fotografía Submarina para la conservación del océano
with Denisse Sotomayor
June 16, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
Parque Marino Costero en La Islilla, Paita
with Jose Antonio Fiol
June 15, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
La zona reservada Ancón
with Catalino Castillo
June 29, 2020
Spanish (Ecuador)
¡MÁS MICROPLÁSTICOS QUE ESTRELLAS EN LA GALAXIA! y Cultura Oceánica y Sostenibilidad en el Sistema Educativo
with Juan Fernando Pesántez Muñoz y Daniela Hill
June 30, 2020
Spanish (Ecuador)
Sustentabilidad: ¿Por qué llevar una vida sustentable? y Contaminación plástica: ¿Cómo ser un consumidor responsable?
with Judith Baquero y Cecilia Torres
July 30, 2020
Spanish (Peru)
Panel Intergeneracional de Global Peace Para Lima Peru
with Rosario Garavito, Gerardo Salas, Yuri Hooker Mantilla, Guillermo Dasso, Rosario Paredes, Gahela Cari, Daniel Cáceres - =
Portuguese Speaking Countries
Eugénia Barroca

Webinars in Portuguese

SOA Portuguese Language Representative Eugénia Barroca coordinates expert-hosted webinars in focusing on ocean issues in Portuguese-speaking countries. 

March 30, 2020
Materiais Marinhos Ecológicos e Possíveis Modelos de Negócio
with Ana Vitória Magalhães
April 20, 2020
Literacia do Oceano Para Todos
May 5, 2020
Como transformar crianças em Guardiãs dos Oceanos
with Caroline Schio
May 18, 2020
Para uma Nova Cultura da Água: a sinergia entre o ODS 6 e o ODS 14
with Patricia Furtado
June 2, 2020
Liderança para uma recuperação sustentável em Portugal
with Dr.ª Helena Vieira, Catarina Fernandes Alves, Raquel Gaião Silva, Ana Brito e Melo
July 6, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
Costurando redes - pesca, saberes tradicionais e plástico
with Beatriz Mattiuzzo
July 7, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
Ciência aplicada à gestão de áreas marinhas protegidas do sudeste do Brasil
with Fabio Motta
July 8, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
Divulgação científica e a comunicação com a sociedade: O papel de cada um rumo a uma economia azul.
with Ricardo Gomes
July 9, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
Estratégias de comunicação em peixe-boi marinho (Trichechus manatus)
with Karen Lucchini e Carlos Neto
July 10, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
Como a tecnologia pode aproximar os oceanos das pessoas
with Lisandra Matos
July 11, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
De onde vem esse peixe e o que ele traz? Um olhar sobre a aquacultura global
with Guilherme Sansão
July 12, 2020
Portuguese - Brazil
Conscientização ambiental através do mergulho
with Alexandre da Silva
LearningLabBanners-Indonesia 1
Divers Clean Action Logo

Webinars in Indonesian

Webinars focusing on Indonesian and Asian Pacific ocean issues take place in English and Indonesian, through the coordinated efforts of SOA Indonesia Divers Clean Action and Era Laraswati, Krsiti Tanjung, and Abizar Ghiffary.

May 14, 2020
Generasi Milenial dalam Mewujudkan Budidaya Perikanan yang Berkelanjutan
with M. Irham Saputra, Dedi Cahyadi
May 7, 2020
Intervensi Teknologi untuk Penanganan Sampah Plastik Laut
June 9, 2020
Merayakan Hari Segitiga Terumbu Karang: Segitiga Terumbu Karang sebagai Pusat Keanekaragaman Hayati Laut Dunia
with Rili Djohani
June 17, 2020
Perubahan Iklim dan Karbon Biru / Climate Change and Blue Carbon
July 8
Mikroplastik dan Megafauna
July 15, 2020
Rethinking Plastic
August 28, 2020
Calculating Your Carbon Footprint
with Jessica Novia
September 17, 2020
Youth Changemaker for Shark Conservation
with Rafid Shidqi
Mogesh Sabbathy Malaysia I initiated Project Ocean Hope
Mogesh Sababathy

Webinars in Malay and Bahasa

The Ocean Hope webinar series is coordinated by SOA Ocean Leader Mogesh Sababathy.

May 8, 2020
English, Bahasa
Birds of the East Coast of Malaysia
with Abdulmaula Hamza and Anuar McAfee
May 13, 2020
Malay, English
Will Covid-19 Have a Lasting Impact on the Environment?
with Dr. Hasrizal Bin Shaari and Jagedeswari Marriappan
May 15, 2020
Covid-10: Friend or Foe to Coral Reef Conservation?
with Dr. Tan Chun Hong and Alvin Chelliah
May 19, 2020
Biotechnology Approaches to Protect the Ocean Environment
with Dr. Jasnizat Bin Saidin and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kesaven Bhubalan
Komal Kumar-1
Komal Kumar

Pacific Islands Webinars

The SOA Pacific Hub, led by Komal Kumar, hosts the Ocean Talanoa Dialogue webinar series focusing on the Pacific Islands. You can tune in on their Facebook page

OLL UN world oceans day email header

2020 UN World Oceans Day

This year's theme is "Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean;" SOA and our partners are hosting a webinar series in honor of this theme.

June 3, 2020
Youth for Ocean and Climate Action
with with Mark Haver, Khadija Stewart, and Chet Monday
June 12, 2020
Innovative Solutions for Our Oceans: The Latin American Perspective (Spanish)
with with Emilie McGlone, Roberto Cerda, Daniel Caceres, and Emily Tewes
June 9, 2020
Deep-Sea Exploration and Stewardship
with with Dr. Diva Amon, Julie Packard, Prof. Lisa Levin, Dr. Carlie Wiener, & Dr. Lucy Woodall