Ocean Solutions Accelerator Program FAQs

SOA does not provide funding as part of the program. However, SOA does invest in select startups post-program and there are opportunities to receive funding from supporters in SOA’s network. We will, when relevant, often help make introductions to potential funders.

Through SOA, you will be able to leverage our incredible community of mentors, partners, and investors for the lifetime of your company. We ask for a small amount of equity or the right to invest in a future round in exchange for the time, resources, and valuable support that we provide. When you are successful and SOA receives a return, we reinvest it back into the ecosystem and the development of more solutions; so when you win, we win, and most importantly, so does the ocean.

The ocean is under unprecedented pressure – depleted fisheries, plastic pollution, habitat destruction, and a variety of human activities threaten the economic vitality and ecological stability of the ocean. SOA works with a wide range of founders building scalable initiatives to meet these ocean challenges.

If you are building a for-profit business that has a positive impact on ocean health then you should apply to our Accelerator Program. Depending on the stage of your company, you may be accepted into the early stage (pre-seed to seed-stage) or later stage (seed to series A) program.

If you are accepted, startups are notified of our intention to send an offer and they are provided with a startup agreement for signature. Startups will also be asked to provide documents related to the following legal categories as part of our due diligence process. Please plan to have this ready by April 12 in case of acceptance.

  1. Incorporation & Qualification Documents
  2. Capitalization Documents
  3. Employee Matters & IP
  4. Fundraising Documents

There is no restriction on age to apply to our program.

Once you complete the ~30 minute application, your application will be reviewed by the SOA Team and our Selection Committee of experts. If advanced, you will be invited to a 30 minute Zoom interview; there may be some additional follow up from the SOA team for more details as needed. If your company advances from there, you will need to prepare the documents below to complete the process.

No, the ocean’s challenges are global problems and we are looking for solutionists from all around the world to join our programs.

Throughout the program, founders receive guidance from SOA’s community as they engage with mentors, partners, and potential funders to achieve their goals. The Accelerator will also present founders with a rigorous curriculum that encourages personal development and executive training with a range of world class facilitators and pitch coaches.

The programs will culminate with virtual Demo Days, connecting entrepreneurs with more investors, mentors and industry experts. In addition, SOA routinely provides opportunities to gain exposure from our network of social media and connections to industry events.

Applications Now Open

Applications accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until April 12, 2021.

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